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Mushegh Tovmasyan

Chairman of the Board at Zenus Bank & Founder of Forexify

FinTech entrepreneur and a veteran of the online trading industry. C-Level management experience with regulated financial services companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus, Armenia, Japan and New Zealand.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Mushegh has a good eye for spotting individual talent and untapped opportunities in the market. Mushegh is fluent in English, Spanish & Armenian and has a track record of forging strategic alliances across industries and developing new business opportunities. He has been involved in a number of traditional M&A transactions on both sides of the table. He led acquisitions of various regulated financial services entities in North America, Europe, Asia and East Africa, and also raised funds for various projects in Finance, Technology, and the Sport & Hospitality space. He is the principal behind seed & venture capital firm Forexify most recently exiting from two successful ventures - Divisa Capital and Equiti Group.

After almost two decades in the broker/dealer space, he founded Zenus Bank as a solution to many of the cross-border payment & financial inclusion problems witnessed around the world. Zenus is the first bank in the United States designed for international clients. With the latest in digital banking technology and an international banking license, Zenus is looking to offer remote account opening for deposits, payments and custody to individual, corporate and institutional clients.

Speaking at Encore Law Group Presents: New Technologies and Regulations in Investor Raises – from Blockchain, Qualified Opportunity Zones to the SEC