Gautam Godse

VP of Product, LegalZoom

In his role as LegalZoom's VP of Product, Gautam works with his product team to innovate the legal tech marketplace and provide easy-to-use mobile first solutions for users. His team has launched new designs of our primary products in business formations with significant increases in revenue and user satisfaction.

A product innovator at heart, over the course of a 26-year career, Gautam has developed over 25 software products in the mobile, web and internet space. He has successfully built and sold several startups, including:

  • A BBS, JabberWocky, that quickly became a popular service for email and online chat (1993-1997)

  •, India's first online radio station (1999)

  •, a Linux online and desktop software company. moreLinux Inc. was acquired by ChilliWare Inc. in 2001

  •, the first HIPAA compliant mobile medical billing app (2009)

Gautam has also worked in Product Management at HeyAnita, NetZero, Yahoo! and Belkin and delivered new products in the Internet, Voice Recognition, Mobile and Internet Of Things (IOT) marketplaces.

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