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Henry K. Elder

President of International Blockchain Real Estate Association & Director of Wave Financial

Henry Elder is the Director of Investment Strategies at Wave Financial. Wave is a diversified asset manager that oversees multiple fund strategies providing tailored exposure to crypto assets, including its blockchain-focused venture fund Wavemaker Genesis which created the Wave Select 20 Index, a leading indicator for the cryptocurrency markets.

Previously, Henry cofounded Digital Asset Advisors (DAA), a leading blockchain consultancy. DAA’s clients included Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, an innovative and globally-dispersed company focused on real-world applications of hyperloop technologies, Crypto Invest Summit & Security Token Summit, two of the largest fintech conferences in the world, and Slice, a trailblazing commercial real estate tokenization startup. As the Director of Origination & Investment at Slice, Henry tokenized one of the first commercial properties in the United States, a $380 million ground-up development in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Henry is the President of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA), a global grassroots organization dedicated to supporting and catalyzing the adoption of blockchain technologies throughout the real estate industry. IBREA has gained over 6,000 members worldwide since 2013 and includes founders, legislators, regulators, lawyers, and other industry participants.

Henry is an Expert Advisor to Security Token Academy’s Commercial Real Estate Investing via Security Tokens (CREST) initiative. He has been internationally recognized for his work, speaking at conferences and working with companies throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Prior to founding Digital Asset Advisors, Henry led Southern California and Southeastern United States originations at Latitude Real Estate Investors, a real estate private equity fund; led a founding partner’s deal team at George Smith Partners, a real estate investment bank; and worked on the due diligence team at ValueAct Capital, a hedge fund. He has arranged and underwritten over $1 billion of investments across the real estate and technology sectors.

Speaking at Encore Law Group Presents: New Technologies and Regulations in Investor Raises – from Blockchain, Qualified Opportunity Zones to the SEC