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Web Accessibility Seminar for Business Professionals

  • The Exchange 138 N. Brand, Suite 200 Glendale (map)

Hosted by Be Accessible
Speaker: Aaron Farber, IAAP-Certified web accesibility specialist at Be Accessible

Learn Why Accessibility Matters, Web Accessibility Guidelines, and How to Handle ADA Complaints.

We are entering the age of the professional internet. As processes have moved online and people rely more on the web, there are new and higher expectations for online businesses - in accessibility just as with security and privacy. Now, people have always set these expectations, deciding what websites or apps to use and spend their dollars on. But, businesses now operate in an in an environment facing constant threat from a whole class of private lawyers empowered to file complaints and extract settlements. Small businesses are treated as tech companies - that have the technical resources to immediately fix their website, and remove accessibility barriers. Most accessibility barriers are due to early flaws - flaws that could have been prevented by business owners choosing the right website platform for their organization and understanding the diverse ways that people will use their website. The seminar is for business professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers, developers or parties interested in learning about accessibility.

Parking address:
Exchange, 115 N. Artsakh Ave., Glendale, CA 91203

IF you know your ways around downtown Glendale we are located between two famous land marks each a 1 block and a half from each other from Porto’s Bakery and the American Mall, we are between both of them.

  1. We are between Broadway and Wilson

  2. Our main entrance does not face Brand Boulevard.

  3. You have for the first 90-minutes free parking. We will meet for about an hour.

  4. Parking is behind our building on a small street on 115 Exchange Parking on Artshakh St. This is not a drive through street.

  5. Either coming from Broadway or Wilson you only have 2 options: do a U turn or enter to the 8-Floor Parking complex structure there are 3 underground levels and 5 above ground.

  6. So, where ever you park please take the northern elevators or towards the hill’s ones.

  7. Once in the elevator Press the *1 key NOT the L1 you will end up underground.

  8. Come towards the court yard with a small fountain and you will see some stairs and on the left direction and you will see the 138 North Brand Building.

    We are at the second floor.