Vijay Raman

Founder and Managing Partner at Vasur Ventures

As an entrepreneur, investor, technologist, and a longtime innovator and advocate of venture capital, Vijay founded Vasur Ventures with a focus to assist entrepreneurs in building impactful and dynamic companies. His focus at the firm includes Consumer and Business Enterprise Technology, Mobile, Saas, Edtech, Hearth Care and the energy sustainability sectors. Prior to venture capital, Vijay successfully started two technology related startups with subsequent acquisition of $425 million and $730 million. Vijay’s past experience also includes senior operating roles within the startup and investment banking ecosystem in areas of product development, strategy and finance. Vijay is active in the California, New York, MENA and European communities and serves on the boards of several startups around the globe working closely with them as they face key transitions or decisions. 

Through the privately held Raman Family Foundation, a social good initiative that works with nonprofit, government and businesses, Vijay focuses on creating a future where every person has the skills knowledge and opportunity to achieve more. Initiatives cover everything from providing education, offering grants to non-profits, and forming partnerships with organizations around the globe.