Quan Gan

Creator of Ztag

Quan Gan is the Founder of ZTAG and Gantom. ZTAG is a real-life action game that gets kids off their devices and onto the playground. Gantom is a manufacturer of specialty lighting and interactive equipment for themed attractions.

Gan holds a BS from UC Berkeley in electrical engineering and computer science and an MS from Stanford University in mechanical engineering. During his undergraduate studies, he worked on various robotics projects ranging from micro flying robots, a precursor to modern day drones, to walking robots for lunar missions. During his graduate studies at Stanford, he worked for under Professor Andrew Ng (founder of Coursera and thought leader in AI) as a research assistant and built hardware testing platforms for computer learning.

With entrepreneurship in his DNA and inspiration from being an actor in a haunted house during his college years, Gan quit his job at Intel after one year in the corporate world to start the first Halloween Haunted Attraction in Mainland China with his wife, Charlie Xu. He founded Gantom Lighting & Controls in year two as he realized the huge potential in a niche for lighting small and dark spaces for theme attractions. Gantom lighting products are now found in all major US theme parks such as Disney, Universal, Six Flags, and more.

Recently, a passion project of his in interactive themed entertainment has become a new business venture called ZTAG, a tech-infused version of tag. ZTAG is solving the growing social problem of digital addiction with a real-life game that encourages physical activity, teamwork, and face to face interactions.

Gan is the LA chapter board member of the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a mentor to other young entrepreneurs. He also consults for his local school district to better align students with career opportunities. He is a visionary and inventor and holds several US patents.