Glendale Tech Week’s Pitchfest brings extraordinary startups, VCs, angel investors, notable CEOs and keynote speakers together under one roof. Companies selected to participate in Pitchfest will compete for a grand prize in front of a live audience, angel investors and VC judges on Thursday, September 19, 2019.

DeadLine to Apply: August 18, 2019

Each company will have 6 minutes to complete their pitch, followed by three minutes for Q&A. Companies selected to participate will also have an opportunity to attend an advance coaching session with the judges in an effort to perfect their pitch decks and address any pre-presentation questions. All participating companies will be invited to the closing reception later that evening where the winner will be announced.

Who Qualifies?

  • Startups with zero-to-nominal revenues

  • Founder must present

  • OPEN TO ALL; applicants need not be based in Glendale

2019 Grand Prize

The grand prize is comprised of a suite of essential professional services for young startups, including:

  • Access to leadership expertise, strategic guidance, and assistance with valuation provided by partners at Black Diamond Ventures valued at $2,500,

  • 3 months of complimentary office space for a small team at Industrious Glendale valued at $6,100,

  • Setup of 3 digital media channels for marketing, competitive analysis of digital marketing strategy, and running and optimizing a digital marketing campaign for 3 months with $500 of media spend per month from Pastilla valued at $5,250,

  • $5,000 in business law consulting and services including incorporation services, drafting of Equity Incentive Plan, and 3 months of Limitless Legal (basic plan) legal consulting and services from LegalLab,

  • $5,000 in business evaluation and strategy services, and legal counsel on contracts and third party agreements from Bruno Group, Inc.,

  • $5,000 in consulting and legal services in the area of intellectual property (IP) law, including procurement of IP rights, licensing, and enforcement of those rights from Phil IP Law Group,

  • Advisory board services for strategic planning and investment structuring from Oceanview Capital Partners, Inc. valued at $5,000,

  • $5,000 in video production, printing, and copying services provided by the City of Glendale’s Media Graphics,

  • 6 months of bookkeeping services from Anchor Bookkeeping valued at $1,200,

  • 1 month of free co-working space with childcare (8 day plan: 8 days in the month with 4 hours of childcare each day) offered by FGUMC Workspace and Playschool valued at $400,

  • A guest presenting spot at Glendale Tech on Tap meetup,

  • A guest spot in the Glendale Tech on Tap podcast,

  • A congratulatory ad in a business and technology publication paid for by the City of Glendale, and

  • 30 minutes of pre-attendance to Meet the Funders VC networking event.