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Matt Sloan

CEO of VOIDCube Studio

It was 2009 when I started collecting Bitcoin from a faucet it was the most enlightening experience I ever had. Here I was getting money from the internet, all anyone had to do was watch an ad then receive the Bitcoin. I have always had a passion for video games and thought why was there never any games that included cryptocurrencies. I began to learn programming to solve my problem and create the crypto games that are missing from the market. I built several games using C# and unity, these games are on the google play store today. I worked with Vibehub creating games and assets for their marketplace. I enjoy playing games just as much as I enjoy developing them, and casually game when I get the chance. I felt as though no one would provide what I envisioned in a game; and so I decided to start my own company called VOIDcube Studio.

I spend most of my time creating an experience that players will love and give traders liquidity. Players can have fun gaming and be able to earn real-world value at the same time. Traders give value to the in-game assets by trading it on the open market. The game never needs ads and doesn’t become a pay-to-win model because its financial support comes from the coin being in the open market. The market consisting of players buying and selling along with traders who are also buying and selling. I aim to make a healthy ecosystem and change the way people think about money, cryptocurrencies, and assets altogether.

Speaking at The Art of Gaming