Marketing Tool Kit

Glendale Tech Week Logo

Available for download, please use the logo with care.

Please keep in mind these simple guidelines when using the logo.

We ask that you not alter the Glendale Tech Week logo, by cropping, changing the color, stretching (warping the shape of), crowding or by placing other words/images over it.


Social Media

If you don’t already follow us on social media, please click on the links below and start following us. We encourage you to like, comment on and share our content whenever you can. Don’t forget to @mention us too!


Sample Social Media Posts

Copy, paste and personalize these messages into your social media timeline. Use some of the Downloadable Artwork to make your posts pop!


Press Release

Feel free to download our boiler plate press release to share about your involvement in Glendale Tech Week. Make sure you fill in the blanks and personalize it.

Download Press Release

Also, check out our Press page for more news and resources you might want to share with your contacts in the media.



Share a variety of videos about Glendale Tech Week with your contacts. Feel free to share the video links provided or embed the videos in your website or email newsletter.

Downloadable Artwork

Feel free to download any of the graphics below and include them everywhere including in your own social media posts, newsletters, e-mail blasts and flyers.


E-Mail Blast

This is a general email message about Glendale Tech Week (GTW). This is great for sharing with your email contact lists. People who have never heard of GTW will get a general idea of what it is all about. It contains highlights about some of our signature events, sign-ups, links to social media, a calendar and more. You can send the email by forwarding this link: 2019 Glendale Tech Week Guide to your contacts in an email message, or if you use an email marketing platform, you can copy and past the HTML code for the email message into your platform’s HTML editor. Download HTML code.



When posting about Glendale Tech Week on social, be sure to include our official Glendale Tech Week hashtags:

  • #GlendaleTechWeek

  • #GlendaleTech2019

  • #NextInTech

Some secondary hashtags you might want to consider using depending on what you’re posting about: #startups, #entrepreneur, #tech, #pitchfest, #innovator, #womenintech


Sponsorship Opportunities

There are still many opportunities for the local tech and business community to partner with Glendale Tech Week. Please share the message below along with the sponsor benefits deck with potential sponsors.

“Glendale Tech Week is looking for partners to support innovation in the region. Sponsors are featured on, on street banners throughout the City of Glendale, in print and digital ads, promotional videos, newsletters, social media and more. Sponsors also get product placement in goodie bags and get free VIP tickets to all signature events during Glendale Tech Week.

Visit the Glendale Tech Week sponsorship page to learn about sponsorship opportunities or contact Ani Pogossion to find out how you can get involved in this week-long celebration of tech and innovation. Download the sponsor benefits deck for more information.”