Dave Naidu

President & CEO of Opis Network, Inc.

Dave Naidu is the President and CEO of Opis Network Inc.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur and consulting strategist with over 20 years of leading small to large multi‐national businesses in operation efficiencies, marketing dominance, revenue growth and national and international expansion strategies. He has relations and experiences working with local and international political leaders; a mediator of labor disputes and facilitator of multi-million dollar contract settlements.  He is a respected speaker, trainer and strategist.  Dave is a sought after as a mentor and trainer for C‐level executives who seek out differentiation and out‐of‐the‐box thinking for the development of business plan and strategies, market leadership and innovative selling strategies. Opis Network, Inc. with the vision and leadership of Dave Naidu has emerged as an influential and highly respected company supported by offices and affiliations across the country.