Anna Kachikyan

Founder and Host of The Anna Report

Anna Kachikyan is the founder and host of The Anna Report. Anna got her start in television news as one of the original cast members of TMZ-on-TV.

In late 2015, Anna left TMZ on TV and started The Anna Report in an effort to expand her repertoire and journalistic contributions. Through her social media presence, Anna hosts a weekly live show offering modern day dating and relationship advice to her thousands of loyal viewers. Having been on screen and behind the camera in the formidable entertainment industry for so many years, Anna discusses topics that are central to the lives of her peers on a live platform with ease.

When she’s not on camera, Anna is keeping up with the ever-changing demands of social media marketing.  She creates original content, writes, produces, edits, and directs interactive posts. Anna thanks the rise of social media for her newfound success in the digital world. Creating content, building a loyal community, and staying engaged with people from all over the world is what Anna does best. 

Anna was born in Armenia and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated high school one year before her graduating class and began her studies in journalism. Anna was keenly aware that journalism is a fierce and competitive industry, so she set herself on interning for various news outlets to gain experience. She worked at CNBC and NBC News, and upon graduating, took a position with KABC News. Soon after, an interesting proposal landed on Anna's lap for a job at TMZ.

At the time, TMZ was simply a website on the verge of making its, now notorious, television debut. Anna began her tenure there as the media librarian. During the launch of the TV show, she was approached by TMZ’s Executive Producer Harvey Levin to be on-camera. Anna had never wanted to be on camera and wanted to apply her talents and acumen as a hard-hitting news producer behind the scenes.

But Levin could see from her personality and demeanor that she would thrive in the spotlight and encouraged her to speak up. She credits Levin as one of the hardest-working people she's ever met and notes that she learned a great deal from his work ethic. She worked with TMZ for over 8 years, and in that time she realized she had thrived in her career despite her initial hesitation about speaking on camera.