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Anna Kachikyan

founder of The Armenian Report

Anna Kachikyan is the founder of The Armenian Report. Anna got her start in television as one of the original cast members of TMZ-on-TV, where she spent nearly a decade reporting on the latest in Hollywood gossip and news.

In late 2015, Anna left TMZ and started The Anna Report in an effort to expand her repertoire and journalistic contributions.

Anna began “keeping up with Armenians,” in April of 2018 just as Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s revolution was sweeping Armenia. The Velvet Revolution gave Anna a huge journalistic awakening. She quickly combined her social media and journalism skills to share with her thousands of followers the events taking place in her homeland. As a New Armenia began to form, thus The Armenian Report was born.

The Armenian Report breaks down complex political and cultural news from Armenia and presents them through video stories and photos with English translation. We’re bringing the news on the social media apps where people are already scrolling and swiping through.

Along with daily news stories on Instagram and Facebook Stories, The Armenian Report also offers live podcast interviews featuring fascinating Armenians and their inspiring contributions to the community.

Keeping Armenia alive and thriving starts with our curiosity. Often this curiosity is born with exposure to information and stories about Mother Armenia. The Armenian Report longs to spark that curiosity amongst fellow Armenians and spread the platform far and wide.

The Armenian Report is evidence that young Armenians of the diaspora care about what is happening in the Motherland. We see the increased curiosity and engagement with Armenian events worldwide and we proudly present the news in English to help further foster and cultivate that engagement.

If you are an English-speaking Armenian who wants to stay connected to Armenia, then The Armenian Report was made for you.

Speaking at Emerging Tech Hubs: Glendale and Yerevan